History of the School

The school was started with few students on January,24 1934, by the sincere effort of Sri Lalit Mohan Bhattacharyya. It was the time when people were not interested to educate their girl children. Sri Lalit Mohan Bhattacharyya had some representatives to collect girl students for the School, who used to move from door to door to convince the parents to send their daughters to the School, he founded. In this way, he got some girls from the reputed families to be enrolled in this school. Since, the School was newly founded, it was lacking in building, in true sense of the term, so the classes began in the Harisava Mandir. The Harisava Mandir was the mother institution of the present institution. It was started as a Primary School, with Sri Gokul Mondal (1937) as the first Head Master. In 42-43, a two-storied building was constructed with the help of the Maharaja, who donated the land with a condition that the land would be only used for the educational purposes. He also made the Harisava members as the trusty of the School. The Burdwan Harisava Hindu Girls’ High School was upgraded to medium English level, possibly in 1944-45 and, in 1946-47 it was again upgraded to the Junior High level. Sri Dinesh Chakroborty was made the Head Master in 1949, and during his tenure, the school was again upgraded to become a ‘High School’. His effort to gain the recognition for becoming a High School was highly acclaimed. It was in 1952 that a female was first made the Head of the School. It was Smt. Abhalata Kundu who joined the School as the first Headmistress. Since then, it was made mandatory and tradition, also to appoint female as Headmistress of the School. In 1954, another three storied building of the School was made.

There was no separate entity for the Primary Section of the school before 1949, but after the up gradation as a ‘High school’, the Primary Section was bifurcated together with its accounts and finance in 1954.

Smt.Manasi Basu, the third Headmistress in 1957 started uniform for the students. In 1966, Arts and Commerce courses of higher secondary were started, while science course began in 1967. In the meantime, the morning section of the school was opened due to increase of students. In1969 a new school, named as Harisava Hindu Girls’ High School (Morning) was established and was subsequently recognized by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. Now this new school is located at Subashpally.

The Burdwan Harisava Hindu Girls’ High School got recognition as Higher Secondary in 1976; now the school has approximately 1700 students with rich infrastructural facilities that include a rich library with reading room, good laboratories of different science faculties including Nutrition and Geography, and a well-furnished computer room.